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Exhibition Rooms


The museum is divided into five distinct rooms. The walls of the rooms are painted white, in order that the visitor can appreciate the ceramic pieces on display without distraction.  


The pieces are positioned on pedestals of different heights and protected by glass mounts. This again allows visitors to appreciate the colours, texture and design found on the pieces. The ceramics are grouped by variety, meaning that the common characteristics of the groups become clear easily.  


The large urns in the centre of the rooms give an impression of the wide range of sizes of the pieces.   To ensure that guests get the full understanding of the significance of the pieces, there are touch-screen computers with access to photos and descriptions of the pieces. This includes information on the pieces in the room, as well as those stored in the research area of the museum. The aim has been to employ the most sophisticated techniques in museology available so that visitors and researchers can access the entire collection virtually.